Cloudflare uses outdated DNSBLs list


Today on one domain got the following error
571 5.7.2 From domain [example].com found on one or more DNSBLs (uriblblack). Refer to

Looks like under uriblblack they mean

We registered a domain for business mail and found listing only in this database. In Spamhaus and other dbs no lists, everything is ok.

uribl is a known “fake” list, if I remember couple of years ago, they requested money for delisting or something like. Also, they probably just rely on Spamhaus database and then do not purge cache.

Even is listed here.

Relying on such an untrusted source, Cloudflare can lose many legit emails.

Any possibility to contact cloudflare email team to check this situation?

Even delisting from this database does not work. Process stuck on Pending Review. And nothing happens. They have no phone, no contact, by email do not reply.

Can provide to Cloudflare via PM the domain for investigation.

The current sender score is 100 from 100, with no listings and a green reputation in Google and Outlook. Fully compliant with guidelines.

What has led you to believe Cloudflare is using this list or is involved in the email delivery?

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Because I got this bounce on email delivery

571 5.7.2 From domain [example].com found on one or more DNSBLs (uriblblack). Refer to Cloudflare Email Routing docs](

The domain is probably behind cloudflare email forwarding.

uriblblack - I do not know what it is exactly, seems like

Also, an additional suggestion, if possible, make errors more clear, like that

571 5.7.2 From domain [example].com found on one or more DNSBLs (uriblblack,

So could easily understand which database you are referring to.

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