Cloudflare uses 117 vHOST calls, How to minimize?


after communication with my server provider, they said that Cloudflare uses 117 vHOST calls and this stays forever and overloads my website. Any idea how to minimize these requests?

My Server has limit of 200 vHOST and when Cloudflare uses 117 calls, only left space is for 83 users, and then my server shows then Error 503. Which configurations can be done to solve this?

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Hi @bidzinafra,

This makes very little sense to me.

What are they meaning by a “vHOST call” here?

I don’t understand what vHosts have to do with visitor numbers.

Virtual hosts allow you to have more than one site/application on a single server and respond with the correct one. Can you elaborate on how that relates to visitor numbers and your issue?


I have forwarded my hosting provider regarding this information, added extra rules in Cloudflare to cache everything and they said that:

In this case, the colleague has already given you the correct information, whereby an error had crept in with the number of Cloudflare accesses. There are at least 167 simultaneous accesses from Cloudflare. In the cases where you run into the vHost limit, the 503 error will even get more than 200, which means that your vHost limit is fully utilized. This behavior is also not normal for Cloudfalre. If Cloudflare has activated caching, i.e. fetches the page once from the server and then delivers it directly from the cache without reloading data from the server for each call, experience has shown that no more than 4-10 simultaneous connections from Cloudflare to the server take place and that is exactly yes also the sense of the CDN. This mass of access clearly indicates a misconfiguration at Cloudflare. Here you would have to check again why Cloudflare generates these masses of simultaneous accesses that should not actually take place and make adjustments to the configuration at Cloudflare. There are no alternatives that can be made by us here, as we have no influence on the accesses from Cloudflare, we could at most block the accesses of the Cloudflare networks.

They talk about connections , I do not think so cloudflare would use only 4-6 , single visitor creates so many connections. Of course if users will be proxies through same colo / metal then they will be multiplexed . If you have visitors from many countries I’m sure cloudflare will use more connections since connection to cloudflare is anycast and from cloudflare to orgin unicast.

However I will wait for Somone from CF to comment on that as well.

Miroslaw Pabian

This seems the correct solution here.

I have never heard of a web host limiting by connections, especially a low number such as 200. Cloudflare will use many connections and with 200+ POPs will top that very soon.

I would suggest changing host, it might be the easiest and best solution.

I am using HostEurope which is one of the best hosting providers and monthly website visitors are approx. 300K and I also wrote them that, with my dedicated server which I am using, even without Cloudflare , server has enough capability to show the website for more than 200 users at the same time. And after this, they wrote me , which I have copied in my previous reply. I am now confused where the problem is… I have this kind of issue since 10 days, everything worked before without any problems.

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