Cloudflare usage to serve static images (arnd 3lac request per hour)


Has anyone used cloudflare to serve static images. I am expecting around 3 lac requests per hour. Planning to make use of caching, so ideally this number should reduce.

Not sure which plan should i choose ? Is the pro plan sufficient for my use case ?


How much is a “lac” ?


100,000 I believe.

@gharat_saroj I use Cloudflare for static images but don’t have that kind of traffic. You can sign up for the free plan and see what difference it makes and then always upgrade to Pro later from within the Dashboard.


Yes. 1 lakh. Sorry for the typo. Arnd 8 million requests in a day. We try to use cache control header on the images to leverage browser. Currently we r hosted on aws and use cloudfront along with S3. Even after enabling the cache control headers we see multiple requests for the same Image from the same browser. Maybe the clients have disabled caching on their apps or browsers. But due to that overall we r seeing 8 million hits on cloudfront daily. That is costing us too much for the bandwidth. It is almost 500gb per day.

Wanted to explore the usage of cloudflare to see if we can reduce costs


My recommendation would be to reach out to Cloudflare sales. Given the volume we may have additional tools and options which can help you optimize your delivery and reduce your AWS costs.

You can do this with the Pro plan, but depending on your traffic patterns and other features which might be useful such as tiered caching which could further reduce origin requests.