Cloudflare unusable

This DNS is a total lie.

I have never had such slow name resolution in my LIFE
unless it was on a MODEM.

No matter how many times any of us post,
nothing is ever done to stop someone from blocking Cloudflare’s DNS searches.

I took all firewalls down just to test
and the screenshots I have of so many massive DNS failures

The majority of the rest of the internet world seems to disagree.

Chances are your ISP has routing issues to Maybe they made a bad routing tweak that gets to work, but adds latency or something of the sorts. It’s all unknown unless you can provide us some information.

Please follow the instructions in this post: Have problems with *Read Me First* and post the output of the commands here. This will help us, and the CF team, figure out what’s going on.

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Since the inception on, we’re averaging .0019 and the the worst was only .0026 (during a security audit on Dec 31 @ midnight) 100% uptime too. It’s here to stay for us!

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Whaaaaat? Sorry - and this is not meant to offend, but to be brutally honest - but that is incoherent babbling.

What is your issue to begin with?

What is it about a modem? What posting are you referring to? Why should anybody block anything?

It would be a good idea if you calmed down and be less “disgusted” and explain in a calm fashion what your issue is. If you can do that in a civilised manner I am sure the community will be able to sort out what the issue is and how to fix it. Start with the link @Judge provided in the last bit of his response.

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If a 3rd party network provider or piece of hardware is blocking DNS queries using there is nothing Cloudflare can do except ask the offending party to fix their network. I’m sorry if you are experiencing difficulty, if you have a specific issue I’m sure folks would be happy to weigh in on the question.