Cloudflare unresponsive to multiple tickets

I have submitted an issue via multiple tickets and have yet to get a response from Cloudflare. They don’t have a support phone number or provide chat to Pro members. I cannot access my tickets or view many help options as clicking those links simply sends me to a login page.

The lone time I even received an email, they claimed that I was on a Free account (not true as we have a Pro account that I pay for every month) and therefore could not provide tech support.

This is among the worst support services we’ve had to deal with. This is not how you retain customers or get positive reviews.

Is there any way to actually reach a live person in a timely manner? I’m about ready to drop them, since the LCP issue continues to be an unanswered issue and they can’t or don’t want to be reached.

Is there any way to actually reach a live person in a timely manner?

Hey, there’s always us, the community. What problems are you having?


CWV performance scores worsened for both mobile and desktop, largely due to increased load time for LCP. This occurred without changes in the actual images on the pages or site coding.

Curious that these declines have become more pronounced as Cloudflare introduces a new image optimization and resizing service. I’m not against adding this service, but I am interested in understanding what happened to our current service over the past year that led to the LCP issue.

Are you able to share some stats/observations of what you are seeing?

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Please contact them again using the following link from the same account as you are using here.

In that ticket that you open from the account you are using here, please share the ticket numbers and the name of a domain in the account.

I suspect you may have contacted Support from an account that does not own the domain. If that were the case, you’d have received a notice stating that.

Can you create an Account ticket from the account you are using here and share your most recent ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

I have one account and I’m the domain owner, so there should not be any confusion

I don’t have all the ticket numbers documented, since I expect to be able to view them on my dashboard. However, as I may have explained, virtually every link has a circular logic that redirects me to login



Can you share the name of a domain in that account?

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The only one that matters is was the original domain but we migrated a couple years ago



Hi @bill14

The email you have provided here are not the email that you are creating tickets on, so can you please confirm if you have used another email address in the past, so we can have our backend system merge these two accounts?

With that being said, then please try and follow these steps.

Since Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy, we might affect the TTFB for a site. There are a few HTTP requests that add up to the total TTFB:

  1. Cloudflare successfully negotiating a connection with your origin.
  2. Cloudflare sending a request on the connection.
  3. The origin generating a response.
  4. Cloudflare receiving the response.

Essentially, you may see a larger TTFB because we don’t send data back until after we have connected to your web server and it has responded.
The difference is usually no more than a few milliseconds, but more details on Cloudflare and TTFB can be found here:
Are you measuring what matters? A fresh look at Time To First Byte

You can use Cloudflare Observatory to run tests and check the real user monitoring (RUM) data.
This page can help you understand the results of the tests.


If you’re seeing the TTFB is unusually high on dynamic resources (CF-Cache-Status is not HIT, see Cloudflare cache responses):

  1. Follow the customize the cache guide to make sure that any resource that can be cached appropriately is cached. You can review the Cache Analytics on the Cloudflare Dashboard to check for cache performance and potential improvements.
  2. Make sure your origin web server is performing well: you might need to check with your website administrator or hosting provider.

If you’re seeing a high TTFB on cached resources (CF-Cache-Status is HIT) or on resources hosted on Cloudflare (through Workers or Pages for example), please share the following information with us so we can further investigate:

  • The output from running the following command:
curl -svo /dev/null -w "Connect: %{time_connect} \n TTFB: %{time_starttransfer} \n Total time: %{time_total} \n" https://<HOSTNAME>
  • The output of the following webpage in a browser: http:///cdn-cgi/trace

  • A HAR file demonstrating the issue from your browser

  • An MTR or traceroute to <HOSTNAME> from an affected device

  • Any information from any other tools showing the high TTFB value: please provide details on how did you measure or where did you get the information

Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues by replying to this e-mail or ticket.

That is not correct

This is the ONLY email address that I use to login (even when the Cloudflare dashboard makes me login multiple times when I click links).

Now, when I have submitted some of the tickets (after logging in), I have requested that ANOTHER email be COPIED on the response (IN ADDITION TO my profile address, which obviously should be sent everything by. Default)

Regardless, thanks for the detailed response



Hi @bill14

You should not see any issues related to ticket’s or account login any more. If your account is open right now, then please log off and login again.

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Finally! Thanks!

I’ll review the responses when I get the time

I hope you can understand my frustration at the seemingly blackhole of communication regarding support tickets and lack of ability to pierce the veil using any other method of communication.



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