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Hello, I would like to ask if the following thing is possible on Cloudflare
I would like to unprotect an A record, because now when I add an A record, for example if record www points to then Cloudflare will not expose directly the IP but instead replace it with Cloudflare’s IPs and then somehow not expose it. I would like to do the opposite of this, so some A records will stay protected but some will point directly to the IP provided. Is this even possible on Cloudflare? And if so, how ?

Best Regards - Martin.


It is, just switch the record’s status from :orange: to :grey:. But keep in mind this will reveal that IP address of course.


Hello sandro, thank you very much for your quick answer! Also good thing to keep in mind, but I’m aware of all dangers of this! :smiley:

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No worries, I just wanted to have it mentioned to make that bit absolutely clear :slight_smile:

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