Cloudflare Universal SSL

How do I download Cloudflare universal SSL certificate for domain in subject ( and more importantly its private key?

"Registrar Dash Ticket - How do I download the universal SSL certificate and more importantly its private key?"

Cloudflare Universal SSL is designed to be used in Cloudflare network only. What are you trying to accomplish?

Alternatively, you may generate a Cloudflare Origin Certificate which is different from Universal SSL, but allows you to install in your server.

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I am trying to download it with its private key and then install it on other resources such as SSTP RRAS Windows server. Is it possible?

Straightforward answer: no. Universal SSL is not for outside use. If you need SSL for your other applications (VPN, SFTP, etc.) you should purchase a new one from a publicly trusted certification authority.

For the Cloudflare Origin Certificate that I just mentioned, it’s for encryptions between Cloudflare and your server only and it’s not publicly trusted. Plus, it’s for HTTPS traffic only.

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