Cloudflare Under Attack mode and SEO

I have just active Cloudflare Under Attack mode for my site. But i’m wondering if other good bot like Google, Bing … can access my site or not?
Anyone here have solution for this problem when site is under attact mode?

Under Attack Mode is only intended to be a short-term solution as you sort out your defenses.


Thanks for your suggestion, yes, i hope it will be short time. But as i said, i turned on Under attact mode so may be it will effect to good bot like Google bot or Bing bot…
I’m going to create a firewall rule like this:

But i’m not sure if it work or can it be a problem if the attacker can impersonate the google bot?

If i want my site under attact mode, but good bot still access my site to crawl and index, what should i do?

You can try turning off Under Attack Mode and use that Firewall Rule so if it’s NOT a known bot, then JS Challenge. Toggle your Known Bots OFF and you should end up with this:

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Thank you so much, did it as you said, just wait to see if it can block attact.

One more thing, if turn off Under attact mode, then which one in Security Level should i choose? Medium or high?

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Medium is a good starting point.


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