Cloudflare TUS protocol not following TUS standard

There is a discrepancy between the Cloudflare TUS implementation and the TUS protocol, according to the TUS protocol, successful delete requests MUST respond with a 204, however the Cloudflare implementation responds with a 200.

Is this by design, or is this a bug, and if it’s the latter where do I open this?

@zaid and @renan usually check on TUS issues, but this post may have rolled off the top of the Community list before they could check.

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Thank you for the head’s up. Is there no place where I can open issues? or is everything through the forum?

As Stream is a paid product, you should be able to open a ticket. Please post the ticket # here as soon as you get the autoreply with the ticket #.

Thank you again, managed to figure it out: Ticket Number: #2324538

Ok, I’ve put it in the escalation queue.

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Hey @hossyposs,

When writing the initial TUS implementation for Stream, any TUS call after a video has been successfully uploaded did not make sense to us. This is the reason why you can’t make a HEAD request to get a Upload-Offset header after your upload has been completed. Similar to HEAD, we also don’t support TUS DELETE calls after the video has been uploaded.

However, since the TUS DELETE URL matches the regular video deletion API endpoint, you are just deleting the video with the regular Stream API plus extra TUS headers.

Curious, does this issue affect a plugin or a dependency you’re using in your code? If so, happy to help find a solution or workaround for you.