Cloudflare Turnstile With Gravity Forms not showing for logged out users

Hi Guys

I have just started using Turnstile with Gravity forms. It shows up if I am logged in but not if I am not. It also does not show up for incognito.

Im using


Any ideas please?

I’d troubleshoot by disabling the APO and WPRocket.
Clear the cache at origin host and WPRocket, also Purge the Cache at Cloudflare.
Therefore, see how it behaves.
Later, I’d play with settings at WPRocket and make sure the HTML pages aren’t cached.
Tune the settings and put some effort to make it work.
Could be there is an issue with WPRocket cache and Cloudflare APO by being misconfigured or not compatible to work with each other.

This started working after i cleared all caches

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