Cloudflare Turnstile Verification Looping

I’ve been trying to access two separate websites with Cloudflare Turnstile verification, the box continuously loops until the page reloads and I can never access the sites.

I’ve tried clearing my cache, clearing cookies for both websites, and disabling extensions. None of them have done anything to help the problem.

I’m using Google Chrome, the problem persists on Microsoft Edge. I’ve gotten the websites to work on Firefox but I’d really prefer to be able to access them with Chrome (I would never otherwise use Firefox). I’ve also gotten the websites to work on Chrome on my mobile device (but I would REALLY rather prefer being able to use my computer to access the websites).

I’ve had the problem for multiple days without change.

Forgot to mention incognito tabs also haven’t fixed the issue in the slightest.

I got the websites to work after disabling the Avast AntiTrack wholly, not sure why disabling the extension itself didn’t work.