[Cloudflare Turnstile] undefined_error

We are getting a lot of [Cloudflare Turnstile] undefined_error in our sentry logs lately.
The message is very vague, hence we are unable to figure out the reason.

The issue was “supposedly” fixed as discussed here.

The latest we got this error was yesterday, this is blocking users from signing up.

Is this being investigated? anyone else facing this?

This issue has been fixed as of yesterday, this was happening when we flagged users as bots.
Let me know if you have any other questions related to that.

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This issue persisted from April 24th to May 10th happening thousands of times in our own logs. I’m not sure why my prior posts about it didn’t get much attention, but I can confirm that it is actually fixed now.

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I have the same error.
“error-callback” return “undefined_error”.
How can i fix it ?

Hi @eason - are you still having the error as of now?

Yes. Chrome still having the error. but Chrome incognito mode is OK.

Can you please give me a link on how to reproduce it, or you can email me a HAR file at [email protected]