Cloudflare Turnstile showing Failure!

One of our site members is reporting the issue that the Cloudflare turnstile widget is showing failure hence she is unable to proceed further for Signin. She is facing this issue on Google Chrome with using Avast Premium Security in Windows 10. Cloudflare turnstile widget is working correctly on other browsers. She is just having the issue on her PC - her iPad works fine. On the coding side, we have checked the site key & secret key. Both are correct and working for us.

Can you guys help me how can I fix it?

Here is some details she has shared with us.

Turnstile Error Code:


Windows 10

Browser having issue:
Google Chrome

CloudFlare Turnstle Failure


The 600010 Error Family indicates a Challenge Execution Failure. or a visitor failed to solve a Turnstile Challenge, this is also used by failing testing sitekey. This could Potentially Automated Visitor. Retry the challenge. Upon multiple subsequent failures, verify the visitor otherwise.

To confirm do you any VPNs, Web Proxies, or extensions installed?