Cloudflare Turnstile "Failure" for users on Mac OS 10.15.7 and Safari 15.1

Some of our Lightspeed Retail customers are getting an instant Failure when using Mac OS 10.15.7 and Safari 15.1 when logging in to Lightspeed: Logging in using Google Chrome works just fine.

How could we troubleshoot this using the Cloudflare QR-code?

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I’ve the same problem on my iPad (iOS 14) in Safari.

Hello dear community,

Turnstile does not work in Safari on iPad (iOS 14).

Does somebody found a workaround?

I don’t use a Mac BUT I tried using the device emulation in Firefox and Edge on Windows 11 to see how Turnstile behaves. When I emulate an iPhone in Firefox, Turnstile fails validation every time, including after tapping the check-box to manually verify being human. When I emulate an iPhone in Edge, it works fine.

When I emulate an iPad in Firefox or in Edge, the validation fails every time.

In Firefox, I believe Safari is in the user agent string when emulating an iPhone.

So, the Safari browser appears to be a common “thread” here. If there is a workaround for Safari, I would be interested in it as well. Has anyone with access to a Mac tried Chrome or Firefox on macOS to see if Turnstile works?

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