Cloudflare Turnstile - Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401

Hi all,

I was thinking about making the switch over from Google reCAPTCHA due to Google PageSpeed Insight issues with it, but upon installing the Cloudflare Turnstile onto our WordPress site via a plugin it appears there are also issues with this resulting in errors being logged to the browser console.

Screenshot of my console below:

I’ve done some reading and it appears it’s due to PAT’s and it’s down to browser compatibility, that right? Are there timescales on browsers supporting this as I need to somehow get rid of those browser errors, which may require me to seek an alternative. I’m using Google Chrome version 119.0.6045.160 if that helps.

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

It’s completely fine and safe to ignore, as per the FAQ: FAQ · Cloudflare Turnstile docs
There’s no timescales on other devices supporting it. Chrome mentioned PAT in their now retracted Web Environment Integrity proposal and there’s no other mention of it I can find, other then their own slightly different Private State Tokens, so not sure if they’re even interested on supporting it for Chrome/Android. It’s certainly nothing I would expect soon, would have to go through trials and such, and even then there’s lot of other browsers and devices. But again, PATs are just supposed to be a nice way to avoid captchas, not required to solve the challenge.