Cloudflare Turnstile captcha showing on IOS 16 Apple devices

I hope this message finds you well. I recently integrated Cloudflare CAPTCHA (Turnstile) into one of my websites with the expectation that our visitors using IOS 16 Apple devices logged in with AppleID and turned on the option ‘Automatic Verification’ in the setting will not encounter the captcha anymore as per showing on Cloudflare blogs. I have followed the following blogs and setup the turnstile widgets mode to ‘Managed’.

The turnstile captcha works fine but despite enabling ‘Automatic verification’ on IOS 16 Apple devices logged in with AppleID, I still see the turnstile widget on the phone screen. However, the turnstile widgets are ticking the checkbox automatically in any type of device or browser but I was expecting that the turnstile captcha would not show on the screen at all for the IOS 16 devices.
The website visitors will not encounter the captcha by this did it mean that the user will not have to tick the widget checkbox manually(as it is ticking automatically)? or did it mean the turnstile captcha widget will not show on screen at all? I researched on the internet and came to know about ‘Private Access Tokens(PAT)’ that manage the scenario, but it is certainly unclear to me whether I need to configure PAT externally in the code described in your blogs with the URL provided above or this is(PAT) something managed automatically by the Cloudflare? If I need to externally manage the PAT in my code for the website then Can you please share me sample code ad I didn’t find any code that integrates PAT.
Just for your information, my website is developed using MVC C# language.
Your assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.