Cloudflare turnstile captcha is not being displayed in Mac

I have implemented Cloudflare turnstile captcha in JavaScript which works perfectly fine in windows machine using chrome.

I have new MacBook Pro (M3 Max chip, MacOS: Sonoma Version: 14.1), I do not see the captcha displyed in my new laptop using chrome. It shows message- Verification is taking longer than expected. Check your Internet connection and refresh the page if the issue persists.

Could this be some browser/laptop configuration issue? When i try to sign up in Cloudflare( in my mac machine, I see the exact same message where the captcha is supposed to be displayed(screenshot attached).

Things i tried:

  1. I tried to use a different wifi.
  2. Tried in Safari browser.
  3. Cleared cache.
  4. Tried in Incognito mode

Nothing seems to work.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

See if Ingonito mode fixes it.

Also, if you open up your browser’s Dev Tools, you might see a message in Console or the Network Tab that points to the issue.

I did try in Incognito as mentioned in the question- it did not work for me.
It is strange after restarting my mac, I see the captcha. No clue what was the issue.
Anyhow thanks for responding

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i have solution Automatically set the timing