[Cloudflare Turnstile] Cannot find Widget cf-chl-widget-hm384, consider using turnstile.remove() to clean up a widget

cloudflare turnstile cannot find the widget, the captcha is also not loaded and is not solved and it cannot be passed in any way. the error code varies from 400 to different numbers. Fix this problem, most sites rely on you as an anti-ddos system and the problem becomes global.

c983cee.js:2 [Cloudflare Turnstile] Cannot find Widget cf-chl-widget-bkuvl, consider using turnstile.remove() to clean up a widget…
(anonymous) @ c983cee.js:2
h @ api.js?onload=onloadTurnstileCallback:1
Vt @ api.js?onload=onloadTurnstileCallback:1
(anonymous) @ api.js?onload=onloadTurnstileCallback:1
r @ c983cee.js:2

windows 7 sp1

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the problem is still relevant…

Uncaught TypeError: E is not a function