Cloudflare turnstile blocks my browser and ip

Recently, whenever I visit any site involving Cloudflare Turnstile, such as,, or even, they ask me to complete infinite captchas. Even if I click it many times, the page refreshes itself and gives me a new captcha. I can still access those sites with the current IP (VPN proxied) using Safari, but not Edge for Mac. If I turn the VPN off, my network is restricted so I can still not access many of the sites.
I hope to reset my browser fingerprint or some other properties so that I do not get blocked by Cloudflare Turnstile. However, my important data is in the Edge browser, so changing to Safari is quite inconvenient. I don’t want to get a new VPN either since I can still access restricted sites that didn’t apply Cloudflare Turnstile (like Google).

I checked this post before Cloudflare Turnstile effectively blocking the Internet for me +1 website at a time… : r/CloudFlare (, as it said waiting might solve this problem. But since Last weekend, I no longer access those Cloudflare Turnstile sites using the VPN.


As a workaround, could you kindly :

  • clear the browser cache

  • check if there is any extension blocking the request.

To further investigate, kindly create a ticket and provide us the ticket number

Thank you

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