Cloudflare turns off automatically for some subdomains

We have integrated our site with Ezoic (advertising network integrated on the DNS level) and we realized that Cloudflare kept getting turned off automatically every hour or so. Fortunately, this does not happen to our production environment.

We’ve checked with Ezoic and it seems there’s nothing wrong on their side - wondering if there’s anything we can do to resolve this.

Do they use a Cloudflare API key for updating the DNS record? (Did they ask you to provide the API key?)

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I’m pretty sure we used the API key, as we had to login to Cloudflare from their UI during the integration process.

Chances are that when they update the DNS record, they set proxied to off (the proxied parameter is required) which makes it so that the Cloud turns grey. You should talk to their customer support about this issue.

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