Cloudflare turned on Argo Smart Routing, causing DDoS traffic from HTTP to be brush

I had the Argo Smart Routing service enabled for my domain, during which I was hit by a DDoS attack, but since the bill was scheduled, I didn’t notice the problem until my credit card was charged.

Can I appeal for refund of my losses in this case? Even if credits are returned to Cloudflare account

I have submitted a service ticket regarding this problem, but no one seems to be handling it (more than 24 hours)

What is the ticket number?

Ticket ID: #3273268

Is there anyone else who will deal with this problem? There is still no response to the service ticket.

I am seeking assistance regarding a recent issue I encountered with my website using the Cloudflare Pro and Argo services. Unfortunately, during this period, my site was subjected to an HTTP DDoS attack, which resulted in a significant surge in Argo traffic. I only discovered this issue on my billing date, and by then, the charges had already been applied to my credit card.

Given the circumstances, I would like to know if it is possible to receive a refund for the unexpected charges incurred due to the DDoS attack. I have already submitted a support ticket, but it has been over six days without any response. Below are the details of my support tickets:

  • Most recent support ticket number: #3278643
  • Previous support ticket number (no response for over six days): #3273268

I appreciate any guidance or assistance the community or Cloudflare support team can provide on this matter.

I know it is frustrating waiting for a billing support request to be resolved. However, there is no need to create duplicate topics or tickets. It only makes things take longer by creating duplicate work for both support staff and Community volunteers alike.

I’ll ask if your ticket can be escalated, but please understand that there are others whose tickets are just as important as yours that also need to be helped. Please refrain from opening duplicate tickets and topics in the meantime.

Hi there,

I’ve merged your tickets, replied to them and internally pinged the billing team to take a look.
You should get a reply from them shortly.

Take care.

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Hi @server2821,

I would like to add a note here to let you know that you may prevent this from happening again by using Cloudflare notifications.

You may get more information here:

I hope this helps.

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