Cloudflare Tunnels with Mongodb/SSH

Hello, I'm currently working on a personal website project in the aims of getting a better grasp on full stack development.  You can check out the domain at (it's protected by access but allows anyone with an email to login).  My test React app is at /build while the rest of the site is default Tomcat 10.  This is all being hosted off of a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu Server 20.04.  

Having gotten Tomcat and Cloudflare working together I started looking in to adding a database.  This is where I've hit a major fork in the road, with the goal of this project to be as self contained as possible.  Ideally I would be able to run a local MongoDB(4.4 on Ubuntu 20.04/Pi4) with a tunnel serving port 27017 to but this seems to not be possible?  

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Some things that are more tangential to Cloudflare and questions I will echo on the Mongodb forums as it seems to be a firewall/router issue as I'm struggling to open up my Pi to my desktop running a simple NodeJS script to authenticate DB User.  I have the Pi up and running Mongodb4.4 but cannot connect to a connection string using the Pi IP address.  It pings it but I get an ECONNREFUSED return error.  

Lastly, where I think my main problem seems to be with firewall or possibly Cloudflare DNS locations?  In attempting to set up an SSH connection through a DNS location was made in Cloudflare but was never able to go through the set up instructions on the Pi as it uses desktop instructions and the server is headless.

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