Cloudflare Tunnels - Specify incoming port

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thanks for having a look at my question. It “should” be really simple but I do not find any information online.
I have got a question regarding Cloudflares Zero Trust Tunnels.

If I understand correctly, these tunnel work great if the incoming connections go trough Ports 80 and 443. But does it work for connections coming trough other ports? For example port 10000? Can Cloudflare forward connections which are comming in trough ports 443 and 10000 to the same machine in the local network?

For example, how it would have been done until now with a fixed ipv4 WAN address and port forwarding on the router:

A machine in LAN is listening on ports 8888 and 10000. On the Firewall, only ports 443 and 10000 are open. Port 443 is forwarded to the Reverse Proxy which then delivers the traffic to the machine, Port 10000 is forwarded directly to the machine:

  • WAN Port 443 → Port forwarding → Reverse Proxy →
    (active, TCP and UDP)
  • WAN Port 10000 → Port forwarding → (active, TCP and UDP)

How could I achieve this in the Cloudflare Tunnel-Dashboard? As far as I know, the dashboard does not give me the option of choosing the incoming port, something I can do in my router, but only allows me to set a domain/subdomain and the IP + Port on local machine the traffic should be forwarded to.

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