Cloudflare Tunnel YML file format schema / full reference

I’ve been using Cloudflare Tunnel for many years, and every time I have to make a tweak it is always really difficult to find a definitive reference for the .yml file format.

The main documentation page is great Configuration file · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

However there are less used options such as no-tls-verify: true which aren’t documented anywhere. There is noTlsVerify but how could I possibly know it needs to have hyphens when it’s in the YML file?

If I read the source code I might find it! But how could the average person ever find this?

Even for something like logfile and loglevel I had to go to the sourcecode to find the options:

I’m not sure if I’m completely missing the file schema reference or it doesn’t exist - but it’s very frustrating. Can anyone point me to something more useful.