Cloudflare Tunnel without SSL is possible?

This option didn’t work. Here is explanation:.

I have a very weird issue with cloudflare tunnel.
I am tunneling KiwiSDR and running cloudflared tunnel on the beaglebone.
/kiwisdr.min.js and a few other files will get 502 Bad Gateway/Cloudflare error when users try to visit the URL via https. When visiting via http, everything works fine. This is very weird. In the cloudflare tunnel config file, I’m pointing to http://localhost:8080
Cloudflare tunnel log show no error

That’s why I need pure http without any SSL .

If you still want HTTP then I would check your browser settings as some have started auto changing to HTTPS and failing back to HTTPS if HTTPS isn’t available.

I’ve checked on both Chrome and Firefox. Also cUrl not working correctly. I don’t think this is problem with browser (with http client).