Cloudflare tunnel with second domain issue

Hi, I’m struggling to add my second domain to the tunnel, it works fine with the single one with multiple subdomains routed through to SWAG reverse proxy, but when I add my second domain to the ingress rules the tunnel fails with lots of errors in the SWAG logs! Also noticed that it creates a CNAME subdomain * in the DNS records of my first domain which can’t be right?

SWAG log:


I’m afraid what you’re suggesting isn’t feasible.

To clarify, it seems you’re describing the process of setting up a locally managed tunnel. When you authenticate cloudflared with cloudflared tunnel login, you’re prompted to log in to your account and select your domain. This action results in ‘cloudflared’ generating a certificate dedicated to that specific domain within your .cloudflared directory. That’s why, everything you add is identified as a subdomain under the chosen domain.

Additionally, in your GUI, you’ll observe the same thing.

Hi, actually I got it working by converting the tunnel from local config to your GUI, I added the second domain as a wildcard the same as I had done locally and it works correctly! So I don’t know why the local config didn’t do the same?!

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