Cloudflare Tunnel with Nostr relay

Is it permitted for someone to run a Nostr relay behind a Cloudflare Tunnel connection? AFAIK it uses Secure Websockets (wss:// protocol). I ran a test node for a few days a while back to see if I could capture any traffic and it did work until I voluntarily took it down to do a bit of research on how to optimize the setup.

What I want to know is if Cloudflare has restrictions or if they have a policy against Nostr relays through a CF Tunnel. I don’t want to set it back up only for them to take it down or ban my account. I have several paid domains that I don’t want to lose CF’s services for and I’d like to use one of them for this relay.

FYI: there is a website frontend for it that runs on the same port. My test run with CF Tunnels just forwarded it all to port 443.