Cloudflare Tunnel was working

Hello Cloudflare Community,
My cloudflare tunnel is set up to connect to my raspberry pi that host my Nextcloud. It was working fine until i was trying to upload a large file and the 100mb upload max kicked in. So I was reading that we can turn off proxy to bypass the 100mb upload max. Now my nextcloud is completely offline. I have turned back on the proxy and it still is offline. What can i do to get my website back online using cloudflare tunnels. This is the error I am getting now when trying to go to my site that was working before i turned off proxy. It is now back on but still not connecting to my site. I know my site is working and accepting connections since i can still access the local version of the site on the ip address. Its only when using my domain i am getting this error now. Please hep if can.

Hmmm… can’t reach this page

It looks like the webpage at might be having issues, or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


Hi @randallschaad,

I know this is cliche, but have you tried rebuilding/reconfiguring your tunnel from scratch?

Thank you.