Cloudflare Tunnel Url redirects to

My Cloudflare Tunnel Url is working fine in MACBOOK and Android Phone but if thge device is Windows it keeps redirecting to saying the site is banned.

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Don’t wait for an answer, find it fast! Search for #CommunityTip error:
Example: #CommunityTip 521 appears to be a link shortener. And apparently “gg [dot] gg [slash] GoogleUpdate” is blocked, by themselves.

Why your PC (Windows) tries to go there, I’ve no idea. My best guess would be malware.

I’ve tried 5 windows devices but still, it keeps redirecting me in gg[dot]gg[[slash]GoogleUpdate. I’m thinking also it could be a malware.

If your site is redirecting to a URL in some circumstances then it is possible your Cloudflare account has been compromised. There have been a few cases where malicious Redirect Rules have been added to accounts that trigger a redirect only with Windows user agents.

You should secure your account by resetting your password, configuring 2FA and rotating your API keys & tokens.

You should also review the audit log to see what malicious configuration has been added and revert it.

In previous cases it has been a Redirect Rule such as this that has been added:


YOU ARE THE REAL MVP!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH…!! my account has been compromised. There is malicious Redirect Rules it triggers if the device is windows.

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