Cloudflare tunnel to private network

Short: I have two servers A ( and B ( in cloud, connected by private network. I want to use Zero Trust as VPN. I have created cloudflare tunnel to server A, I can ping from my laptop with WARP client. But how I can configure access to server B ? (ip forwarding already enabled, but I can’t ping

Long: My current configuration of VPN use wireguard. So I understand how to configure server A with wireguard to work as gateway/router, forward traffic to server B:

  1. enable ipv4 forwarding
  2. forward packets from/to wg interface
    iptables -A FORWARD -i {{wg_interface}} -o {{local_interface}} -j ACCEPT
    iptables -A FORWARD -i {{local_interface}} -o {{wg_interface}} -j ACCEPT
  3. Use NAT (masquerade traffic going from wg network to private net)
    iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s {{wg_network_cidr}} -o {{local_interface}} -j MASQUERADE

I need to replace my VPN by Cloudflare. I followed this manual
I did all the steps but still don’t understand how to reach server B and how forwarding should work. I have cloudflared installed on server A, but there is no new interfaces on the server. I’ve check routing table, not sure any changes there. Just don’t understand how to configure traffic, how test and troubleshoot.
After some search I found this:
So now I’m totally confused. Do I need warp-connector installed on server A?? Instead of cloudflared? Some of information are not relevant or ambivalent (for instance I have no Network > Tunnels in Zero Trust menu).
Please help me.

Today Ive found out that my configuration with cloudflared do work - I can ssh on server B.
My question was based on ping: I can ping from, but can’t ping from the laptop with WARP client.