Cloudflare Tunnel to Oracle WebLogic

I have a tunnel configured to Oracle JD Edwards running on Weblogic Server. The login page appears fine, but when I attempt to login, it appears to be wanting to redirect back to port 80. So for example:

When using load balancer (F5, Netscaler) SSL termination in the past, I’ve always need to add the WL-Proxy-SSL HTTP header, as referenced in this link: Technical Tip: How to add WL-proxy-SSL HTTP header... - Fortinet Community

Any suggestions on how to implement this within Cloudflare?

Many thanks!

Hi there,

Never tested with tunnel, but if what you need is to add a request header called WL-Proxy-SSL with value ON, this might work:

Create request header modification rules under Rules > Transform Rules > Modify Request Header

Take care.

That was it! Thank you.

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