Cloudflare Tunnel to connect to DB

Hey guys,
I am trying to setup a tunnel to access a DB connection that is setup in docker
I have a local ubuntu server running docker
I am running the Cloudflare connection inside docker
the database is hosted on docker

inside the tunnel’s website i have set up the service to be the local IP address of the machine and the RDP port of the database e.g.
If I use those same details in the local network it connects by I just can get it to connect outside the network with the public hostname.

For all website interfaces it is fine.

Can I assume that this is your question? You may connect to your database server (seems like you wants to remote to that server via RDP first) via public hostname, however clients do need to run cloudflared as well in order to connect to the server via RDP.

Hey mate,
No sorry I am looking to connect to that database remotely using tunnels