Cloudflare tunnel suddenly went down

The status of the tunnel is down in the dashboard. Everything was working and then I found out it isn’t working now. I did try to upload a large file yesterday, and that failed with a timeout after 15 minutes. The cloudflare tunnel was created using the dashboard only.
How can I tell if it is something on cloudflare’s end?

I would check your tunnel logs to see if there are any errors there.

I did not have a cloudflared.log that I could see in the logs directory, so I ended up creating one with:

cloudflared --loglevel debug > cloudflared.log 2>&1

the contents of the cloudflared.log now show:

DBG Loading configuration from /usr/local/etc/cloudflared/config.yml
You did not specify any valid additional argument to the cloudflared tunnel command.

If you are trying to run a Quick Tunnel then you need to explicitly pass the --url flag.
Eg. cloudflared tunnel --url localhost:8080/.

Please note that Quick Tunnels are meant to be ephemeral and should only be used for testing purposes.
For production usage, we recommend creating Named Tunnels. (

It looks like I need to set something up but I got everything working through the console until it stopped working.