Cloudflare tunnel state monitoring

One reason for running Cloudlfare tunnel is the fact that traffic from an untrusted zone (external/internet) can be transmitted securely to our internal/trusted zone, without opening a TCP/UDP port on our firewalls nor on the tunnel hosts.
From security perspective, traffic is going from trusted to untrusted zone.

As a aside not to the concept of monitoring /health checks in general:
Cloudflare’s zero trust dashboard is showing whether a tunnel is active or inactive. So the state of a tunnel is already known in the CF network.
I simply want a notification when the state changes from active > inactive and from inactive > active.
Running cloudflared version 2022.5.1.

Is this possible? I.e. to run tunnel monitoring/health check WITHOUT opening any port on the firewall/tunnel hosts nor on the endpoint?
The tunnel state is already in the Zero trust dashboard…why doesn’t CF provide notifications in that dashboard?

Use the GET endpoint for getting the tunnel status/connections.

Cloudflare API v4 Documentation has instructions on how to make API requests & generate the necessary tokens.