Cloudflare tunnel speed

When I configure my tunnel shows me that is healthy, but my page load is awful. How can I fix that?

There are numerous reasons your site may be slow to load. To help you resolve this issue, we need more information about your setup such as:

  • What is the affected URL?
  • Where is the client located?
  • Where is the server located?
  • How are you measuring page load time?

FYI Cloudflare Tunnel usually does not impact performance compared to a standard reverse proxy setup in Cloudflare.

The affected URL is:

The client is located in Bulgaria

The server is located in Bulgaria

Page load time:

I also have another problem. When I try to log in to my website and enter my domain it opens the login page on my WordPress website but redirects me to my local IP address. The site does not use my domain name when I try to log in. What could be the problem? For exposing my website I use Cloudflare Zero Trust.

If you need more information please let me know.