Cloudflare Tunnel slow speed (LAN vs port forward vs Cloudflare Tunnel)

This is my config:
I’ve set up a docker with Nginx Proxy Manager that act as a reverse proxy to access externally (through my subdomains) all my self-hosted apps.
At first I’ve decided to port forward 18443 to 443 and 1880 to 80 on my router (becaure I forwarded the docker 443 and 80 to 18443 and 1880) and created as many cname records as many were my app (every cname pointed at @ and all were proxied).
Than I’ve set up a Cloudflare Tunnel locally via command line specifically in a docker on my UnRaid server, because I thought it was more secure than port forward 443 and 80.

The problem:
I’ve noticed that speed of file transfer (up/down) of my apps vary a lot depending on where do I access it from but the worst one where with cf tunnel particularly on upload and I really don’t know why.
The main reason why I noticed these slowdowns is that I have to transfer large files through an app similar to “wetransfer” but the speed was very slow.
So I decided to test it using a scientific method therefore I’ve installed LibreSpeed to a docker container.

The resoults (download mb/s, upload mb/s, latency):
Access from LAN: 330, 210, 3
Access through reverse proxy from Internet (with port forward): 110, 70, 22
Access through reverse proxy from Internet (with cf tunnel): 97, 30, 25
Access to Internet (normal speed test with LibreSpeed not self-hosted): 120, 73, 17

Any ides? Thanks in advance for the help

Same problem here…