CloudFlare Tunnel - setup to connect to game server

Translated by Yandex (Russian - English)
I would like to know how to configure cloudflare tunnel to connect to a server, for example, Mindustry on desk 6567
I tried to do it myself, but it didn’t work out.
The site is working but the Mindustry server is not
, I tried minecraft, but I tried the same problem
on 2 domains .ru and .com
Tell me how to solve the problem
in Cloudflare the play subdomain is configured
I have provided my config below

tunnel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
credentials-file: C:\Users\main_\.cloudflared\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.json

    # HTTP
    # .ru
  - hostname:
  - hostname:
    service: tcp://
    # .com
  - hostname:
  - hostname:
    service: tcp://
  - service: http_status:404

Cloudflare Tunnels use Cloudflare’s proxy, which only supports proxying HTTP Traffic. If you want to use non-http applications over your tunnel, Cloudflare has a few other options:

For a few specific protocols such as SSH, RDP, and SMB, Cloudflare has guides for them here:

For Arbitrary TCP like Minecraft, MySQL, and any other tcp application, Cloudflare has a guide here: Arbitrary TCP · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

For Arbitrary UDP like Minecraft Bedrock, SMTP, and any other udp application, you will need to use Private Networking with WARP: Connect private networks · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Please note for all of these except SSH and VNC which can be browser-rendered, you will either need to use cloudflared (Cloudflare’s tunnel daemon) on the client machine running in the background or Private Networking with WARP, and have WARP installed on the client machine logged into your Zero Trust Team.

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