Cloudflare tunnel same cidr

i have a tunnel named production and two different subnet with same cidr, each subnet has server running. i want to connect the private network to the teams. should i run the tunnel production on both the server or create different tunnel. for each private network. also i dont know how to use Tunnel Virtual Networks features if the tunnel is setup through GUI

Cannot determine default origin certificate path. No file cert.pem in [~/.cloudflared ~/.Cloudflare-warp ~/Cloudflare-warp /etc/cloudflared /usr/local/etc/cloudflared] originCertPath=
2022-08-04T08:47:23Z ERR You need to specify the origin certificate path with --origincert option, or set TUNNEL_ORIGIN_CERT environment variable. See Configuration flags · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs for more information. originCertPath=
error while creating backend client: Error locating origin cert: client didn’t specify origincert path when running from terminal

If anyone wants to run Cloudflare tunnel and expose the AWS lightsail vpc to Cloudflare than they don’t give the CIDR. the CIDR will be mostly. They don’t give it directly. You can see it from peer connection though and i found it Same for Mumbai and Singapore

Any idea how to setup Cloudflare tunnel virtual private network if the tunnel is setup through gui

In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to run cloudflared tunnel login on the machine running cloudflared to generate a cert.pem file. That is what the error you specified above is referencing. Once you have the cert.pem securely stored you should be able to navigate through the Tutorial: Tunnel Virtual Networks · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs


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