Cloudflare Tunnel privacy

I’m looking to use a cloudflared tunnel to serve a http git server that I can use to sync notes between my devices.

I’m aware that Cloudflare’s edge servers will decrypt traffic from clients and re-encrypt them to my local machine, but is it mentioned anywhere how Cloudflare handles all the plaintext traffic? Would using cloudflared or even just a proxied DNS to one of my exposed port be a bad idea? Someone in Cloudflare could technically see all my personal notes, not to mention the credentials I use to access the git server. Is there any guarantee that Cloudflare won’t use my proxied traffic maliciously?

Cloudflare complies with the following certifications such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 2 and more. You may read more about this information here:

Frankly speaking, if Cloudflare really misuses the decrypted data for something else, then it should be already a piece of big news spreading in the cyber security industry and it can cause a serious reputation damage for Cloudflare.


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