Cloudflare Tunnel Ports 502 when VS-CODE Remote Tunnel on host

Hi, I had a Cloudflared tunnel container that was functioning smoothly with five different ports, all linked to my Cloudflare domain. However, after adding a VS-Code remote tunnel to the host server computer, I encountered an issue. I lost access to my ports and started receiving a 502 error. Interestingly, I can still access my remote VS-Code tunnel and SSH into my host server, which indicates that the internet connection is fine and the host is reachable. I suspect there might be a conflict between the Cloudflare tunnel container and the VS-Code tunnel.

edit: tunnel is showing healthy in cf dashboard

Seems like the Ethernet and WiFi are on different IP so cloudlare tunnel isn’t working when it is in Ethernet

I have made wifi one static but how do I make it work on Ethernet as it can’t have the same static IP if I am understanding this correctly.