Cloudflare tunnel pointing to localhost redirects to localhost on local machine

Greetings, Cloudflare community!

I have an issue with Cloudflare tunnels. I have created a Cloudflare tunnel through docker, suppose with an imaginary domain linked to the host localhost:5454. The Cloudflare tunnel saves successfully. However, on accessing the domain, it fails to connect. I tried pinging and found out that it pings (localhost) on my local machine instead of accessing the docker container on the remote server.

I previously had a different domain through which it worked flawlessly, pinging the right IP address and container. However, it now pings on whatever machine I try it on.

Does anyone know what the issue could be?

Thank you so much in advance!

UPDATE: The issue has been fixed. I blocked newly registered domains on NextDNS. allowlisting my domain fixed the issue.


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