Cloudflare Tunnel performance issues (particularly RDP)

So, one of our clients who is using Cloudflare Access (with Cloudflare Tunnel) regularly, having an issue where sometimes the performance of the RDP connection is not optimal (i.e. high latency while accessing the remote server via RDP) especially during their peak hours.

As far as I know there are no monitoring tools in Cloudflare that allows us to measure the current bandwidth usage and latency of the existing user RDP session, but do you guys have any ideas on how to measure the latency between client and Cloudflare / Cloudflare and server for RDP sessions?


One of our employees has reported this issue, but I assumed their internet was at fault because I can’t recreate the latency issues. They mentioned that coding in the remote servers could be very tedious.

If more people report this, I could gather some timespans and information about the exact moments we face these issues.

Edit: I asked a friend that recently added CF Zero trust to their company, this is what they said:

i get some lag spikes on bad days
my tcp tunnel seems to drop out a lot and asks me to reauth

For now, people from the following countries have told me about this issue:

  1. Algeria
  2. UK
  3. Bosnia

Two employees reporting RDP issues right now.

They experience RDP disconnections and lagg spikes
Edit: should we make a public post to see if more people experience this? In our case, a couple of months back everything was fine.


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We’re seeing frequent drops of TCP tunnels (primarily RDP and SSH). There are rare instances of latency, but it appears our TCP connections through the tunnels are abruptly dropped / reset.

This issue happened to one of our clients again. I’m wondering what can cause this issue? Going to create a support ticket now.

I could be wrong, but I believe nodes could be getting saturated, and connections are dropped in order of customer priority?