Cloudflare Tunnel Operator - Create tunnels to your Kubernetes cluster using CRDs

TL;DR: Introducing cloudflare-tunnel-operator, a kubernetes operator that creates Cloudflare tunnels into your cluster.

The past few weeks, I have been working on a project that I wanted to solve a problem of mine; how to connect to my home kubernetes cluster remotely. And I didn’t want to port forward as that would mean using ports in my application URLs. The best solution out there was to tunnel into my cluster. After using ngrok for a while, I started looking for a different solution and that’s when I stumbled across Cloudflare Tunnels.

Now, I had been using Cloudflare DNS for a while and its kind of a surprise that I only came to know of it now. Anyway, I wasn’t interested in deploying and maintaining a separate instance Cloudflare tunnel as that would mean that I would have to update that deployment’s config whenever I added, changed or deleted a tunneled service(if you want to know my reason for this decision, checkout Gitops). I wanted a declarative way to create tunnels on demand. And since nothing was available, I set out to making my own.

The project cloudflare-tunnel-operator is not completed but its at a POC state and I wanted to announce it so that it can help someone in the Cloudflare/kubernetes community. The project is licensed under Apache 2.0 License so all contributors are welcome.

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