Cloudflare Tunnel on Home Assistant routing to another server on network, HTTPS/SSL issues

I have a Cloudflare tunnel setup on my Home Assistant server on my network. Right now I have a Portainer/Nextcloud installed via Docker Desktop on Windows on another computer on the same network. So I told the tunnel to add a new domain and point it to a computer on my network. Because the tunnel uses SSL, i’m getting an HTTPS error trying to access Portainer/Nextcloud on Docker on the other computer. I’m not entirely sure how to solve this issue, or where to begin, thank you.

I also read on stackexchange "Things have changed and there is no need to put cert files or worry about port numbers anywhere on Windows 10. (As of 7/21/2019)

On Docker Community (31259) simply add the public cert of your docker repo to the “Trusted Root Authorities Store” on the local machine. You can double click on your certificate and it will start the process of asking you where you’d like to put it. (It may work for current user store as well, didn’t check).

Once you add the cert to the store, restart the Docker service and you can then push/pull from your private repo.

The docker VM underneath gets all the trusted root authorities from Windows during startup and manages that for you."

but I’m not sure how I would pull the certs from my Cloudflare tunnel on Home Assistant

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