Cloudflare tunnel not connecting when using browser on computers

I have installed a cloudflare tunnel and when I go to the cloudflare tunnel page it said healthy and I believe it is as I can access the subdomain from the app on my phone. Initially I could only access it when using mobile data, not wifi, and the way the app is designed if I had wifi on I could not connect as it tried to use wifi in preference to the data. I could ping the subdomain from the phone using mobile data but not when using wifi. I then realised the cloudflare app on my phone was off and when I started it I was able to ping the subdomain on the wifi and access it from the app and the browser on my phone. My problem is that no matter what computer, location or browser I use to try and access the url from a laptop, wokstation or server with or without warp it never connects and i get anERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED screen. I beleive it is something I have done wrong or not understood properly and any helpp getting it going would be greatly appreciated. I have only just started diving ninto all the things I can do in cloudflare so am a real novice in this area.

I just noticed that I cannot access the ddomain website either. I am not sure when this started.