Cloudflare Tunnel limits and bandwith

I have found a page with Cloudflare’s technical limitations, that says that one account can have up to 1000 tunnels running.
Does it mean that 1000 cloudflared connectors can connect to the Cloudflare tunnel - per one account?

Are there any bandwidth limits or is the bandwidth split across all tunnels in one account?

All this questions are about the free Cloudflare plan.

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The page is here:

It means that you can only do cloudflared tunnel create ... 1000 times before having to do cloudflared tunnel delete ...
Then you can see that each created tunnel can be executed concurrently by 25 cloudflared replicas.

Also, the page notes that these are not hard limits. If you have a business justification to lift those, we can do it.

There are no bandwidth limits.

All limits are documented on that page.

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