Cloudflare tunnel is just forwarding

I have a ubuntu machine on home network. I host a local gitlab on that machine and I want to access that gitlab from internet.

I have configured ssl on gitlab instance for a local domain lets say And I was connecting to gitlab from home network with that domain and ssl (/etc/hosts)

After that, I wanted to connect my gitlab instances from internet and I setup the Cloudflare tunnel. The connection was successful. I configured if I go (real domain), it will proxy to (local domain). But instead of proxy, it just forwards me to which does not exists on internet.

For test purpose, I run a nginx web server and wanted to proxy that if tunnel works. I configured if I go, proxy it to http://localhost:80. And I was able to connect that local nginx from internet.

But the first gitlab case was not working, Instead of proxying, the tunnel was just forwarding me to domain. What can I do?