Cloudflare Tunnel: how does path work?

I have a cloudflare tunnel running on my router and successfully serving at

I would like to serve several different services from the same subdomain, e.g. AdGuard home running on port 3030.

I would like, then, to have pointing to and pointing to

However, when I add ‘router’ to the optional path, if I then open in the browser, I get a 404 “The requested URL /router was not found on this server.”

Can anybody suggest what I am doing wrong?

If you hit the /router path from directly in your origin without a tunnel there a website at that path? e.g. if doesn’t display the content you’re looking for without a tunnel, it’s not going to with a tunnel.


Thanks for your reply.

Is there any way to achieve my goal with a Tunnel - services on different ports accessed through one subdomain?


are examples of serving different content based on the specific path being referenced.

The ability to parse the http URI being sent is dependent upon the application configuration for the host/port being specified.

Without knowing the software involved? :person_shrugging: You’d have to look at it and determine if it can be configured to expect a specific path.

Probably much easier to just use a different hostname for each through the same tunnel.