Cloudflare tunnel for SSH + website (blank website)


Yesterday I set up a cloduflare tunnel and also started it as a service, my configuration file looked like this

tunnel: <TUNNLE_ID>
credentials-file: /home/user/.cloudflared/<TUNNLE_ID>.json
url: http://localhost:80

with this configuration everything worked, the site was up and running. Today I decided to add ssh capability via browser, so I created a subdomain, appropriate dns record, then set up the application in the zeroturust dashboard. I had to modify my configuration file to handle an additional hostname:

tunnel: <TUNNLE_ID>
credentials-file: /home/user/.cloudflared/<TUNNLE_ID>.json

  - hostname:
    service: http://localhost:80
  - hostname: <SUB_DOMAIN>
    service: ssh://localhost:22
  - service: http_status:404

at the moment my browser ssh is working perfectly fine but main domain is empty. just blank page

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