Cloudflare tunnel error accessing Synology NAS

Hello all,

I have successfully setup a Cloudflare tunnel on my Synology NAS. From what I can tell, the tunnel is working. The tunnel shows as healthy on the ZeroTrust dashboard and on the Synology side I see that the Docker container is up and running. I also see in the logs of the Docker container that it is reading the configuration correctly from my ZeroTrust dashboard (i.e. the public subdomain.domain addresses are mapped correctly to my internal ip address and ports for the relevant services). I have 2 public networks setup for my tunnel which point to 2 services on my NAS (one is the NAS signon page and the other is a locally hosted Wordpress site). I encounter errors when I try to access either of the public networks (i.e. using the specified URLs). On one of the subdomains I get a 400 Bad Request and on the other subdomain I get a “This site can’t be reached”. Note that I get these same errors whether I am on my own internal LAN or on an external network. P.S. the domain I am using is registered with Cloudflare.

Any hints as to how I go about troubleshooting these errors? Where should I be looking?

You can visit the following pages respectively to resolve the issues or to get more information about the issues:



I hope this might help you :slightly_smiling_face:

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